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2015 "Apsara An Improvisation" edition 20 copies. 2015, wooden presentation box, lid is an original painting from "The Churning Sea" series, Text, Apsara, by Mary Heebner with French translation by Laure-Anne Bosselaar. Letterpress text and images, watermarked paper, 9" x 15" x 1.5"

"Silent Faces / Angkor", a handcrafted red cedar box contains three forms of the book:
accordion: gold stamped and painted paper chemise contains two accordion books: Apsara, line drawings derived from on-site drawings. and The Churning of the Sea of Milk, an interpretation of myth. both printed letterpress
codex: impressions of the Angkor temple complex with vignettes, sketches and photographs. Letterpress with printed portrait on cover, goatskin spine
scroll: handmade watermarked paper and paper-lined silk frames four gold-edged prints from the silent faces series of paintings. When unrolled for viewing or hanging each scroll measures 37" x 18"

"Unearthed: an excavation of images and impressions from Chilean Patagonia", edition of 20, 2011 a gathering of text, paintings and sketches in a chapbook and leather and paper bound book placed within a wooden box, with sandblasted travertine lid.

"Four Corners" A meditation of the landforms and color of the American Southwest.
paper handmade by the artist, watercolors, pulp-painted chemise, handwritten text. Unique book. 2009

"The Tragic History of Hamlet" - An artist's interpretation of the classic text by William Shakespeare

“Deep Thermal”  - A portfolio of poetry by Clayton Eshleman written to 6 paintings by Mary Heebner, edition  of 26, 2007

"Sacred Geography: Sonnets of the Himilaya and Tibet"  - A collaboration with writer Sienna Craig, of sonnets and paintings in a handmade paper book in bound box, 2005

"Full Lotus: Sketches from Southeast Asia" Pigment prints and letterpress in slipcase, edition of 50

"Seeking the Open Heart" paintings by Mary Heebner, Poems by Michael Hannon, edition of 70

"Western Trilogy II: Mountain, Canyon, Dune" letterpress text and watercolors by Mary Heebner, text excerpted from essays in The Western Horizon (Abrams); edition 20; a simplemente maria press work in progress 2001

"On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea by Pablo Neruda" 12 prints, paintings, handmade paper with poetry in Spanish with English translations by Alastair Reid; edition 50; simplemente maria press 2001,
Santa Barbara, California

"Western Trilogy: The Prairie, The Ocean, The Desert" original watercolors and letterpress text by Mary Heebner, excerpted from essays in The Western Horizon (Abrams 2000) edition 20; simplemente maria press, Santa Barbara

"Scratching the Surface: A Visit to Lascaux and Rouffignac" 6 original paintings and text on handmade paper by Mary Heebner, letterpress; edition 10; simplemente maria press, Santa Barbara, Ca. 1998.

"Island: Journal from Iceland" 12 giclée prints and text by Mary Heebner, letterpress on handmade paper; edition 60; simplemente maria press, Santa Barbara, California 1997.

"A Chorus of Murmurs: Prayer Flags of Sikkim" unique book of watercolors and text; simplemente maria press, 1997 (possible editioned version planned for 2002)

"Old Marks, New Marks" handmade paper collage with chapbook, in clamshell box. Chapbook introduction by
C. Radlo: The Earth-Centered Art of Mary Heebner/ Campbell/Gimbutas Archives 1996 edition 40

"The Outer Hebrides" unique book of acrylic paintings with Hebridean poetry by Robinson Jeffers 1990