Attached to the classroom where William Dole taught was a neatly-crowded room that he used as his office. As his graduate student, I assisted him in teaching and also once a week would carry a bundle of my watercolors in a well-worn cardboard folder for him to see and critique. The large classroom was functional and dull. Its only remarkable feature was the accumulated paint residue, graffiti and markings that tattooed the wooden desks arranged in a U-shaped pattern. I liked that the desks were flat because easels had always intimidated me. It looked so obvious that one was trying to 'make art' at an easel...a flat desk was a bit more discrete and forgiving for you could lean over its surface claiming at least partial privacy in a crowded classroom. Read More...

Dialogue #1

All Work:38" x 13" collage with pigment, metallic powder, acrylic, charcoal and watercolor on rag paper


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