all Indigo Sketches collages measure 30" x 22.5" made with watercolor, graphite, monotype fragments, graphite tissue, kakeshibu, kitakata, & rag papers


Notes toward the Indigo Sketches:

Drench a brush in a pool of indigo watercolor laced with silver pigment and let it puddle onto thin, porous sheets of Japanese kitakata paper spread out on the floor. Each stain widens concentrically long after I lift the brush. Another stroke blends with, and overlaps the first as the paint seeks its remotest boundaries, like the submerged shelf that is a continent’s true edge. The color saturates the paper so much in some places that it will tear if I disturb it. In other areas, the color stretches itself so thin that it is as wispy as cartilage in an x-ray of bone. Read more...


Old Marks, New Marks


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