Little Gems

There is an old saying, “Use all parts of the buffalo”
When working on a book project, I save the cuttings of painted, handmade, papers,
since, after making collages for over 40 years “using the parts” is always on my mind.
As often happens, making one piece prompts trying another, and another version,
until from a handful of parts I have a cohesive series of work.
This series of collages, LITTLE GEMS, uses “outtakes” from four specific projects;
Hamlet (the deep red handmade paper)
Hamlet (mottled graphite and wax tissue)
Apsara: An Improvisation (the mottled blue Somerset paper
Intimacy: Drawing with light, Drawn from stone (the proof prints from the Rome sketches series
in which you will notice several versions of one image played with in different ways)

Little Gems is a series of twenty handmade paper collages. 6 x 6.5” 2017