On the Blue Shore of Silence

"Mary Heebner's Isla Negra images show us our original bodies, submerged in cold fire, weightless in the sea's cave of light, a primal circumstance restored, held breath of God about to name our sex and fate. Heebner's elegant gestures honor Neruda's poems with their equivalent silence, the poem between the lines, where speech is overcome and the appalled heart sees."

Michael Hannon, poet


"I am certain that Pablo Neruda, who was an impassioned book collector, would have crowed with delight at seeing and handling Mary Heebner's On the Blue Shore of Silence."

Alastair Reid



"Mary Heebner's work marries her artist's sensibility with the book form in the most subtle and beautiful way. Her passion for visual beauty and the written word is carried through in her use of typography, paper and binding structure to create remarkable art objects."

Charles Hobson
Pacific Editions

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"Maria Celeste Que Llora"
sketchbook drawing by Mary Heebner