Arctic Trilogy

Arctic Trilogy combines my text with images based upon two expeditions to the Svalbard Archipelago, and East Greenland in May-June 2017 and June-July 2023, places of unspeakable beauty but also facing dramatic climate, environmental and cultural changes. Each cover is of handmade Izumi-Mingei mitsumata paper-over-board, which I paint (ruffles of frazil ice; tracks of a polar bear) individually. All three books are accordion fold format, suitable for display, bookended with hand-painted stiffer board for stability, and beauty. Of course the books may be read page by page. Digital prints within each book are images from my large pigment on paper paintings and the versions in the books are individually embellished with inks and pigment. The text is letterpress, printed by John Balkwill. The edition of this set is limited to 15 copies.
Books each measure 12.25 x 8.25 inches, and they are housed in a sectioned, hand-crafted matte acrylic case, with arctic trilogy laser etched on back panel in dark blue.